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But the little ones…

Homeschooling with little children in the house can be quite challenging.  I have a 4th grader all the way down to a toddler who is 10 months.  The school age kids are mostly able to sit and focus on their assignments, … Continue reading


Not June Clever

I am not June Cleaver.  I need to confess this so that my readers and visitors won’t read perfection nor know-it-all in my posts. I am pretty far from her, in fact.  I don’t always have a cheerful smile on … Continue reading


Attitude Adjustment

One of the hardest parts to homeschooling is attitude.  That goes for the educator and the student.  We have personally struggled with this in our HS.  Mommy just won’t have the ‘mojo’ for getting the kids to the schoolroom, nor … Continue reading


Why Homeschool?

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Why homeschooling? Are there benefits? They won’t be socialized!! What style do you use? What curriculum do you use? What about High School transcripts? Questions, Comments or Concerns? Why homeschooling? I was not always onboard with homeschooling our kids when … Continue reading