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Computer down!!

Ok, not quite the panic level, but our school computer was hit with some virus and is now dead in the water.  I will only get to post randomly when my hubby leaves his laptop home for me.  I feel a bit lost, really.  I know folks have talked about how much they got done, but I find myself searching for a mental ‘coffee’ break in the strangest places.  I also feel much more ‘cagey’ without this outlet.  Isn’t that just silly???  The kids have enjoyed having mommy play more games with them.  That is the one positive note.  My kids telling me how much they love doing ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING with me.  Course, with 5 of them doing that and saying that, I am really feeling cagey 😉

Are you Anchored?

Half way through the school year and many of us are feeling burnet out, or maybe situations have come up that have taken our energy/steam for homeschooling.

There is only one thing that keeps us from blowing of into the wind… our anchor.  I wanted to share with you a blog post from a buddy of mine.  It is well worth the read!!!

A Link in the chain

Post Holiday HS week

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Wow, what a week.   I am sure I am not the only one, but the week after an extended vacation can be so hairy.  Trying to get mommy and kids back into the groove of things can be so hard!  Not only do I really not want to do anything, I have to fake it enough to help the kids find their focus again.  It’s been a rough one for us especially because we had a nasty family situation during our Thanksgiving visit.

We did have a great field trip this week!!  We joined some other HS families at the Maryland Science Center.  Wow, what a great set up!  So many hands on things!  My kids excavated for dinosaur bones and saw/did so much more!!  The favorite part for my daughter was laying on a bed of nails that she really enjoyed! My son was fascinated by the digestive section (which was truly gross for the weak stomached).  We also enjoyed their display of a clogged artery because my father recently had a heart attack.  So seeing the difference in a clear and clogged artery and the challenge the blood has to move around was great for them!!

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We studied China this week, what beautiful landscapes and architecture!! I was also amazed at some of the history about the Great Wall and their political system. The kids just had fun making kites, tangrams, and the hopes of eating Chinese food tonight! One of our favorites!! I know, totally americanized, but still yummy! There is a foreign exchange student from China at our friend’s house, we are hoping to interview him tomorrow.


You want me to what??

I remember the first time my husband mentioned ‘homeschooling’.  I was petrified!  I hadn’t known any homeschoolers growing up and I was so scared of creating those weirdo types that can’t or won’t function in society.  Because we had an … Continue reading


Did she say spank?

Spanking gets some bad press, it really does.  I know why it gets such a bad wrap, and it is frustrating when a few bad apples spoil the pie.  I would like to offer an apologetic (defense argument) for my … Continue reading

Discovery Education

If your role is teacher, I am sure you love free resources.  I found some free resources at Discovery Education free teacher resources and I wanted to pass on the freebies!!

Under the free teacher resources are several options for several age ranges.  Feel free to paw around and find something that could help you with your own students!!

Prima Latina in Review

If you are considering adding Latin to your homeschool classroom, Prima Latina is the way to go!  I was terrified of teaching my children Latin because I have never dealt with it before.  Prima Latina is a great introductory Latin curriculum.  In fact it is really geared toward children 6 yrs old and younger, which means my 5th grader may appear too old for it, but is enjoying a subject that is fairly easy for him.  I only bought one workbook and make copies off my printer for all 3 of my Latin students.

The DVD lesson set was worth the hunt on eBay (I rarely pay full price, but I would for this set).  Mrs. Leigh is positive and encouraging in her instructions.  She is also an easy speaker to listen to.  She is not perfect and polished, there are some blunders and stumbles, but they are easy to ignore.

I also chose to invest in the Pronunciation CD and we listen to their Latin prayers and repetition lessons in the van.  Repetition is KEY to learning new languages and it will help you to learn Latin along with the kids.  Believe me, my children already get a kick out of using Latin words and phrases that I have to ask for the translation of.

Here is a sample of what the DVD lessons look like.  Though it’s an example of Latin Christiana I, the level above what I am promoting, this is a repeat of a lesson we just did last week for Prima Latina.

Having a sick day

Sick days exist for home educating parents.  We had one ourselves just this week.  I rarely get migraines, but one kicked me to my knees fairly early in the morning and I was down for the count.  A mommy sick day can be rough no matter what age group you have at home.  My tactics for surviving those days have adapted over the years.

When I had kids under 5, my tactics were kiddy videos and a safe room.  I had a baby gate on the kitchen door so that no one could get in there and into dangerous things like knives or the flour bucket.  We have always limited the TV watching in this house and encouraged creative play outdoors (we have many boys).  But when mommy is sick, that is the perfect time to fudge on the rules a bit and go into survival mode.  Your children will not be destroyed if they spend a day in front of the TV while you are miserably sick in the bathroom or under a pillow laying on the bed.

Now that I have older kids, I have the older ones read to the younger ones.  I also have them pull out Candy Land, or UNO or even Dominoes.  They love it.  It is still out of the ordinary to not do schooling and have a play day.  I was so sick this week that I didn’t require any of this interaction, but they played well together and my oldest even managed lunch for everyone.  I was also very thankful when I heard my hubby come in the door very early from work.

If you are task oriented, you will still spend your sick day wound up over the ‘wasted day’ for schooling or projects or whatever.  I am task oriented and driven, so it’s hard to have this experience, but you know what, it’s ok.  It really is ok if we have a day around here that is a ‘waste’.  You are already feeling horrible, you surely don’t need to beat yourself up over all the things that are not happening while you are sick.

It’s really ok to let the kids have a day to practice all the things I have been teaching them.  Even if you don’t homeschool, you are still teaching your kids to interact, play together and live together in some sort of symbiosis.  Your sick day forces them to put into play all that they have been learning.  So take a big breath, rest as well as you can, and don’t ever be afraid to call for reinforcements.

In Case of Emergency

Do you have a plan?  I am not off my rocker here.  I want to know if you, as a homeschooling parent, have a plan in the event of your death?

“Oh, I don’t want to talk about that!!”  Ok, gotcha, I really don’t either.  However, I am married to a military man and that means that we have to have a plan for everything, including the event of either of our deaths.

One of my favorite blogs concerning homeschooling is Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.  Kris blogged about this very thing Tuesday.  Did you get a chance to read it?  I suggest you take the time to read through it and put into action her suggestions.

When the Unthinkable Happens


Cotton Mills

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If you enjoy visuals for your kids with history, I have a delightful suggestion for the cotton mills of the industrial revolution. North & South is a delightful, clean, movie delving into the Industrial Revolution in northern England.  Margaret’s father … Continue reading