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Discovery Education

If your role is teacher, I am sure you love free resources.  I found some free resources at Discovery Education free teacher resources and I wanted to pass on the freebies!!

Under the free teacher resources are several options for several age ranges.  Feel free to paw around and find something that could help you with your own students!!

Critterpalooza 10/15

If you happen to be near the Maryland Naturalist Center this coming Saturday, October 15th, you are invited to the Critterpalooza!

Between 12 noon and 4pm, they will have:

  • live animals displays (reptiles, insects and more)
  • Hand-on nature activities
  • museum display (fossils, minerals, birds, insects)
  • ask a naturalist
  • ‘dress like a critter’ costume contest
  • critter crafts and games
  • stink bug traps for sale
  • raffles, bake sale, plant sale

The best part of the critterpalooza… FREE ADMISSION!!!  Come on out and get your critter on!!  Visit their website for more information.


Apologia Science

I really like the Apologia Science curriculum.   First and foremost for me, they are Biblically based in their approach to natural science.  Reading the title will tell you that: Land animals of the sixth day (referring to the Genesis account of creation). Second, … Continue reading

Eagle Nest Cam

In Decorah, IA, there is a live eagle nest cam watching a pair of eagles as they sit their clutch of eggs.  The eggs are due to hatch around the first of April.  Stay tuned to watch this amazing birth unfold!!

Live Eagle Nest

We had the pleasure of seeing eagles LIVE as we were enjoying our history hunting in the greater DC area, Fort Washington.  I had never seen them before and I was in awe.  They are so much bigger and more beautiful than I thought possible.  If you care to see that, click here.