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TOG for free!!

I am really enjoying Tapestry of Grace for our core curriculum, I just can’t stress that enough!  The kids are really getting into their reading and dive in to each culture we focus on!!

But get this!!!  They are offering a full year of their curriculum for free.  By clicking on the TOG link you can ‘purchase’ the free ticket through their store for your chance to win.  If you place my name, Kay, in the comment section and my email address tettelestai (at) gmail (dot) com, and we both could win!!!  How very cool is that???

I hope your year is going well and I pray that you are still finding wind for your sails each and every morning 😉

Computer down!!

Ok, not quite the panic level, but our school computer was hit with some virus and is now dead in the water.  I will only get to post randomly when my hubby leaves his laptop home for me.  I feel a bit lost, really.  I know folks have talked about how much they got done, but I find myself searching for a mental ‘coffee’ break in the strangest places.  I also feel much more ‘cagey’ without this outlet.  Isn’t that just silly???  The kids have enjoyed having mommy play more games with them.  That is the one positive note.  My kids telling me how much they love doing ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING with me.  Course, with 5 of them doing that and saying that, I am really feeling cagey 😉

Happy Birthday!!

Today is a special day in our home, twice over!  We have 2 birthday on the same day… isnt’ that amazing??

On this day, 35 years ago, an enlisted Army wife entered the hospital to give birth to her first-born. It was a boy, with blond hair, green eyes, and a huge grin.  His folks were amazed at his early speaking skills and the quick wit he developed early on.  He enjoyed sports, but his real love was playing war in the woods…. or tormenting his little brothers 😉

This boy grew into an active teen and when his father retired from the military, moved back to their home state of Iowa.  I met the 15yr old when he walked into my Sunday School classroom.  We did high school together and even though we weren’t friends, we became Chemistry partners because he had chosen to hide behind the girl who sat up-right in class…. easy to sleep behind 😉

He graduated high school early to enlist in the Army Rangers.  He returned that Christmas and asked me to lunch.  We hit it off, having both grown a bit after school…. and the rest is history 😉

Happy Birthday sweetheart!  Thank you for being my husband, for providing for our family, for convincing me that a large family is OK, for leading this large herd with me, for all the time you try to ‘joke’ me out of my bad mood, for being so great with babies, for looking amazing in both a beard and a uniform, for being soft-hearted, for being the PERFECT husband for me, and for loving God with your whole heart!!  Happy 35th Baby, I love you!!

Fast forward 24 years!!  Our first-born son was about to be born!  He had thought about coming for 2 full days before I finally got him out.  He was not a great sleeper, and still isn’t.  He was a thinker, engineer, schemer all rolled into one.  He grew to be a typical first-born: in charge, full of knowledge, but soft hearted.
Thank you, Danny, for being a strong leader, for pitching in (especially when Daddy is away), thank you for playing with the baby, for wanting to learn to cook, for being my right hand, and for your tender heart!  May God continue to build in you a heart after His, may He bring a great wife to you, may you continue to grow in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord!  I love you,  kiddo!

No Bibles Allowed?

Considering my husband works at Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center, we found this article interesting.  He had never heard of this regulation, yet as a Chaplain, it was nice to know he could hand out bibles if a family wanted them.

US Military to Rescind Policy: No Bibles 

Who do you write like?

I found a fun little toy while blogging around Friday (you know, when I was avoiding being responsible).

Click on the link to analyze your writing style.  I found that my writing style is like:

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!



Did she say spank?

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Homeschool Family Video

Tim Hawkins cracks me up, and I wanted to share his homeschool video with you guys!

Do you love reading??

I am sure you have all seen this video by Julian Smith.  He cracks me up and has some great humor.  So far, I have not watched anything that is crude or inappropriate.If you enjoy reading a book, you will enjoy this song!!


Quake in DC

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