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Free Educational Apps

Have you guys checked out Chrome yet?  There are apps you can put on your browser screen that would be super helpful with homeschooling!!  Here are a few of the apps I just launched, and I have only been looking for 10 minutes 😉

Kindle Cloud Reader- my hubby has an kindle and thanks to this app, I can read the things he has purchased without needing the Kindle here with me!

Typing Club- a typing skills program, it helps hone skills.  It actually has pictures and typing basics, easily used for typing basics and learning skills!

Study Stack- there are tons of flashcards for several subjects!  I plan on having the kids do  math flashcards in this fun way 😉

USA Maps- map games focused on the US

Music Notation Training- musical notes drills, both bass and treble clef available.

Go check them out!!  I am not a fan of things I have to download, recent computer issues make me overly cautious.  None of these had to download onto my computer.

TOG for free!!

I am really enjoying Tapestry of Grace for our core curriculum, I just can’t stress that enough!  The kids are really getting into their reading and dive in to each culture we focus on!!

But get this!!!  They are offering a full year of their curriculum for free.  By clicking on the TOG link you can ‘purchase’ the free ticket through their store for your chance to win.  If you place my name, Kay, in the comment section and my email address tettelestai (at) gmail (dot) com, and we both could win!!!  How very cool is that???

I hope your year is going well and I pray that you are still finding wind for your sails each and every morning 😉

Digital Scrapping Giveaway

I don’t do my own giveaways, just too much hassle and work 😉  But a HS buddy of mine is doing one for a free Digital Scrapbook Memory Suite!!  It looks amazing, and if I win, I plan to make a Year Book for our school year for the grandparents to have.  It look fabulous!!

If you want some creative ideas or to enter the contest yourselves, please click on Our Side of the Mountain and enter!!

Free Boys Magazine

I wanted to let you guys know about a free boys catalogue from JM Cremp’s Adventure Store.   This link will take you to the sign up for a free catalogue for your little men to enjoy and dream adventure right from home.

Free Tickets to 6 Flags

Homeschool educators, sign up for free tickets to 6 Flags!!  Similar to BookIt, the Read to Succeed program for homeschools tracks student reading and rewards them with a free pass to Six Flags upon completion of 6 hours of reading.

Once you register you will receive paper reading logs where you will track your student’s progress.  I have a couple avid readers who will earn this in no time.  Click here for the instructions and the FAQ’s.

Free Handwriting Pages

You can create free handwriting pages from the internet and customize them for your students!  I love free, how about you?  Go to Amazing Handwriting Worksheets, you can choose what sort of penmanship you wish to work on.  Next you can choose letters, words, sentences, and even paragraphs.  You can then choose what size you wish for the lettering to be.  Print from your computer and have free handwriting pages for your students.  YES, FREE!! 😉

All you can eat pancakes October!

IHOP is hosting an all you can eat pancake feast!! If you have big eating boys like I do, you will be very interested in this deal from IHOP!  It runs from 1-31 October!



Have you guys heard of freecycle??  It is a yahoo group forum where you list offers or wants… for FREE!! This last week I received a box of young child, illustrated classics via Freecycle.  We also got a 5 gal … Continue reading


Kids Eat Free @ IHOP

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