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BJU Curriculum Sale

I just ran across a fabulous BJU Curriculum auction in eBay.  Click below if you would like a full set of BJU for $30.

TOG for free!!

I am really enjoying Tapestry of Grace for our core curriculum, I just can’t stress that enough!  The kids are really getting into their reading and dive in to each culture we focus on!!

But get this!!!  They are offering a full year of their curriculum for free.  By clicking on the TOG link you can ‘purchase’ the free ticket through their store for your chance to win.  If you place my name, Kay, in the comment section and my email address tettelestai (at) gmail (dot) com, and we both could win!!!  How very cool is that???

I hope your year is going well and I pray that you are still finding wind for your sails each and every morning 😉

Prima Latina in Review

If you are considering adding Latin to your homeschool classroom, Prima Latina is the way to go!  I was terrified of teaching my children Latin because I have never dealt with it before.  Prima Latina is a great introductory Latin curriculum.  In fact it is really geared toward children 6 yrs old and younger, which means my 5th grader may appear too old for it, but is enjoying a subject that is fairly easy for him.  I only bought one workbook and make copies off my printer for all 3 of my Latin students.

The DVD lesson set was worth the hunt on eBay (I rarely pay full price, but I would for this set).  Mrs. Leigh is positive and encouraging in her instructions.  She is also an easy speaker to listen to.  She is not perfect and polished, there are some blunders and stumbles, but they are easy to ignore.

I also chose to invest in the Pronunciation CD and we listen to their Latin prayers and repetition lessons in the van.  Repetition is KEY to learning new languages and it will help you to learn Latin along with the kids.  Believe me, my children already get a kick out of using Latin words and phrases that I have to ask for the translation of.

Here is a sample of what the DVD lessons look like.  Though it’s an example of Latin Christiana I, the level above what I am promoting, this is a repeat of a lesson we just did last week for Prima Latina.


Apologia Science

I really like the Apologia Science curriculum.   First and foremost for me, they are Biblically based in their approach to natural science.  Reading the title will tell you that: Land animals of the sixth day (referring to the Genesis account of creation). Second, … Continue reading


Rosetta Stone

In case you are interested in Rosetta Stone’s Homeschool edition, they are running a special through October 31, 2011.   By using the promo code: tm711, you will get your shipping for free.  Click here for more details or to look … Continue reading


Shurley English

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I have to tell you guys about this English curriculum.  First, I am a huge fan of BJU English for my kids.  I have been using them for years.  However, I found that their 1st grade book was just too … Continue reading


Keeping It Cheap

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The Tracking Sheet Some people don’t have to be fiscally conservative when they purchase their HS books, and they are blessed by that. We have 3 that we purchase school books for each year and we only have Hubby’s income, … Continue reading



I have a few questions that I would love input, feedback, or simply your opinion. If you happen to teach latin to your students, what curriculum do you use and what are the pros/cons of the curriculum you use? Thanks … Continue reading


2011-2012 Curriculum

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I am so excited about this new school year starting!!  We are diving into a new style of education with Tapestry of Grace  (TOG).   It will serve as our history, geography, writing, literature, and art.  What I am most excited about … Continue reading


Alpha Omega Sale

CBD is having a sale on Alpha Omega curriculum!  You get 15% off the books and free shipping the entire month of May!!