Computer down!!

Ok, not quite the panic level, but our school computer was hit with some virus and is now dead in the water.  I will only get to post randomly when my hubby leaves his laptop home for me.  I feel a bit lost, really.  I know folks have talked about how much they got done, but I find myself searching for a mental ‘coffee’ break in the strangest places.  I also feel much more ‘cagey’ without this outlet.  Isn’t that just silly???  The kids have enjoyed having mommy play more games with them.  That is the one positive note.  My kids telling me how much they love doing ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING with me.  Course, with 5 of them doing that and saying that, I am really feeling cagey 😉

Are you Anchored?

Half way through the school year and many of us are feeling burnet out, or maybe situations have come up that have taken our energy/steam for homeschooling.

There is only one thing that keeps us from blowing of into the wind… our anchor.  I wanted to share with you a blog post from a buddy of mine.  It is well worth the read!!!

A Link in the chain

Happy Birthday!!

Today is a special day in our home, twice over!  We have 2 birthday on the same day… isnt’ that amazing??

On this day, 35 years ago, an enlisted Army wife entered the hospital to give birth to her first-born. It was a boy, with blond hair, green eyes, and a huge grin.  His folks were amazed at his early speaking skills and the quick wit he developed early on.  He enjoyed sports, but his real love was playing war in the woods…. or tormenting his little brothers 😉

This boy grew into an active teen and when his father retired from the military, moved back to their home state of Iowa.  I met the 15yr old when he walked into my Sunday School classroom.  We did high school together and even though we weren’t friends, we became Chemistry partners because he had chosen to hide behind the girl who sat up-right in class…. easy to sleep behind 😉

He graduated high school early to enlist in the Army Rangers.  He returned that Christmas and asked me to lunch.  We hit it off, having both grown a bit after school…. and the rest is history 😉

Happy Birthday sweetheart!  Thank you for being my husband, for providing for our family, for convincing me that a large family is OK, for leading this large herd with me, for all the time you try to ‘joke’ me out of my bad mood, for being so great with babies, for looking amazing in both a beard and a uniform, for being soft-hearted, for being the PERFECT husband for me, and for loving God with your whole heart!!  Happy 35th Baby, I love you!!

Fast forward 24 years!!  Our first-born son was about to be born!  He had thought about coming for 2 full days before I finally got him out.  He was not a great sleeper, and still isn’t.  He was a thinker, engineer, schemer all rolled into one.  He grew to be a typical first-born: in charge, full of knowledge, but soft hearted.
Thank you, Danny, for being a strong leader, for pitching in (especially when Daddy is away), thank you for playing with the baby, for wanting to learn to cook, for being my right hand, and for your tender heart!  May God continue to build in you a heart after His, may He bring a great wife to you, may you continue to grow in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord!  I love you,  kiddo!

No Bibles Allowed?

Considering my husband works at Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center, we found this article interesting.  He had never heard of this regulation, yet as a Chaplain, it was nice to know he could hand out bibles if a family wanted them.

US Military to Rescind Policy: No Bibles 

Who do you write like?

I found a fun little toy while blogging around Friday (you know, when I was avoiding being responsible).

Click on the link to analyze your writing style.  I found that my writing style is like:

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!


Post Holiday HS week

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Wow, what a week.   I am sure I am not the only one, but the week after an extended vacation can be so hairy.  Trying to get mommy and kids back into the groove of things can be so hard!  Not only do I really not want to do anything, I have to fake it enough to help the kids find their focus again.  It’s been a rough one for us especially because we had a nasty family situation during our Thanksgiving visit.

We did have a great field trip this week!!  We joined some other HS families at the Maryland Science Center.  Wow, what a great set up!  So many hands on things!  My kids excavated for dinosaur bones and saw/did so much more!!  The favorite part for my daughter was laying on a bed of nails that she really enjoyed! My son was fascinated by the digestive section (which was truly gross for the weak stomached).  We also enjoyed their display of a clogged artery because my father recently had a heart attack.  So seeing the difference in a clear and clogged artery and the challenge the blood has to move around was great for them!!

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We studied China this week, what beautiful landscapes and architecture!! I was also amazed at some of the history about the Great Wall and their political system. The kids just had fun making kites, tangrams, and the hopes of eating Chinese food tonight! One of our favorites!! I know, totally americanized, but still yummy! There is a foreign exchange student from China at our friend’s house, we are hoping to interview him tomorrow.

Back in the Saddle?

Are you guys having a ‘fun’ week?  Yea, us too 😉  I love holidays, I love to travel, but I don’t love getting back into the swing of things with daily schedules and schooling.

We had a pretty tense trip hom to family and it is showing itself with the kids.  Kids are a wonderful barometer for familial relationships.  When things are great and calm at home, there are calm kids.  When things are tense and charged, I get tense and charged kids.  We relaxed a bit Monday, yesterday I had a child doing school right up to and a bit after supper.  We also ran out of black ink for the printer, Wal-Mart didn’t have any, so I had to hand write their school assignments.  I know right???  Who writes anymore?? 😉

My plan for today is to ignore all electronics and we will all focus on the task at hand… homeschooling!  I need to focus to example it to my children.  I was wondering what your tactics are for getting back into the swing of things with school after a break?

Summary of a Month

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Holy cow, it has been weeks, yes weeks since I joined in with the HS Mother’s Journal.  Been a busy month, so here we go!!


We have studied the history of Israel starting with Jacob.  An easy, fun way for the kids to keep these generations in order was a family tree!  We chose to fill it in reverse order having Jacob in the single space, Esau/Jacob in the double space and so on.  I found the outlines in the Word docs ‘new’ templates.  They are free online if you have Windows 07.

We studied their wilderness wanderings and their transition to warrior people upon entering Canaan.  This was an easy concept for the kids because we are a military family.  We wander about the country ourselves and have a military-minded daddy.  Though daddy is now a chaplain and technically a non-combatant, he was Infantry as an enlisted guy and still has a warriors heart 😉

We have also been studying other religions in history these past few weeks.  We studied the Jewish holidays, the Hindu and Buddhist religions.  It was an eye opener since I have not personally

We also went to the Homeschool Day at Mount Vernon, albeit a little late.  The kids enjoy walking the grounds and on this day they had “Lady Washington” to chat with and they had the slave quarters open for display.

Home Ec

We learned some Home economics this week.  We did some home repair with the kids help and had to teach them about keeping up on a house.  Unfortunately with our large dog this is quite necessary since he appears to be the only thing that goes through drywall 😦

My oldest son has begun that necessary step towards independence… he is cooking!  He actually told me that he wants to know these things because “Mom, you won’t be around to make me food when I live by myself.”  It made me tear up and I realize that I do not look forward to their leaving the nest.  I always said they had to be gone by 18, I was not going beyond that with motherhood, but I have grown myself in that area 😉

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I love this article and the fact that someone put it out there!!  8 Grammar Rules

The Color Wheel

We had a fabulous art class a couple of weeks ago taught by a friend of mine who is very gifted and creative!  She bought white frosting, dyed the 3 bins a primary color: red, blue, yellow.  She then filled Dixie cups with a set of primary colors for each student.

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The student laid out their six cookies in a clock formation, frosting the 3 basic color spaces with the basic colors.  The kids then mixed the frosting on their plates and frosted the basic color combinations creating a tasty version of the color wheel.  Oh so yummy!!  We then ran them all outside and let them jump off the sugar on the trampoline 😉


You want me to what??

I remember the first time my husband mentioned ‘homeschooling’.  I was petrified!  I hadn’t known any homeschoolers growing up and I was so scared of creating those weirdo types that can’t or won’t function in society.  Because we had an … Continue reading