Free Educational Apps

Have you guys checked out Chrome yet?  There are apps you can put on your browser screen that would be super helpful with homeschooling!!  Here are a few of the apps I just launched, and I have only been looking for 10 minutes 😉

Kindle Cloud Reader- my hubby has an kindle and thanks to this app, I can read the things he has purchased without needing the Kindle here with me!

Typing Club- a typing skills program, it helps hone skills.  It actually has pictures and typing basics, easily used for typing basics and learning skills!

Study Stack- there are tons of flashcards for several subjects!  I plan on having the kids do  math flashcards in this fun way 😉

USA Maps- map games focused on the US

Music Notation Training- musical notes drills, both bass and treble clef available.

Go check them out!!  I am not a fan of things I have to download, recent computer issues make me overly cautious.  None of these had to download onto my computer.

4 responses to “Free Educational Apps

  1. Thanks for the tips! My husband has been nagging me to try Chrome. I have been intending to, really I have, but I’m of that old school of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” I’ve been using Explorer since 1998, and I’m in no hurry to change. But your enthusiasm and all of the great add-ons are making me anxious to try it all of a sudden. Even if I don’t switch over, at least I’ll keep my promise to him and *try* it out!

    • I have to be honest, though, there are a couple things that I don’t like. It took me a few days to adjust to the way I could set up bookmarks and such. Also, when playing with pictures on my blogger site, I can’t just point, click, and drag to adjust the size of the picture. However, after I have become used to the bookmarks, it’s quite easy to use 😉

      I totally get the “if it isn’t broke” mentality, trust me!

  2. Thank you for these tips! Where do you find the apps? I just downloaded the Chrome a few days ago.

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