Summary of a Month

The Homeschool Mother's Journal Holy cow, it has been weeks, yes weeks since I joined in with the HS Mother’s Journal.  Been a busy month, so here we go!!


We have studied the history of Israel starting with Jacob.  An easy, fun way for the kids to keep these generations in order was a family tree!  We chose to fill it in reverse order having Jacob in the single space, Esau/Jacob in the double space and so on.  I found the outlines in the Word docs ‘new’ templates.  They are free online if you have Windows 07.

We studied their wilderness wanderings and their transition to warrior people upon entering Canaan.  This was an easy concept for the kids because we are a military family.  We wander about the country ourselves and have a military-minded daddy.  Though daddy is now a chaplain and technically a non-combatant, he was Infantry as an enlisted guy and still has a warriors heart 😉

We have also been studying other religions in history these past few weeks.  We studied the Jewish holidays, the Hindu and Buddhist religions.  It was an eye opener since I have not personally

We also went to the Homeschool Day at Mount Vernon, albeit a little late.  The kids enjoy walking the grounds and on this day they had “Lady Washington” to chat with and they had the slave quarters open for display.

Home Ec

We learned some Home economics this week.  We did some home repair with the kids help and had to teach them about keeping up on a house.  Unfortunately with our large dog this is quite necessary since he appears to be the only thing that goes through drywall 😦

My oldest son has begun that necessary step towards independence… he is cooking!  He actually told me that he wants to know these things because “Mom, you won’t be around to make me food when I live by myself.”  It made me tear up and I realize that I do not look forward to their leaving the nest.  I always said they had to be gone by 18, I was not going beyond that with motherhood, but I have grown myself in that area 😉

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I love this article and the fact that someone put it out there!!  8 Grammar Rules

Thank you for engaging!

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