WW: Noah’s Ark

Whew, what a week!!  This week we have actually stayed on track with our school work, I have actually checked all things in the kids’ bins… I almost don’t want to write that down 😉  Have you ever had a week where you are just shocked at the delightful things that your kids are learning?? Are just amazed that you can learn so much while attempting to teach your own children?  That has been my week!

This week in Tapestry (TOG) we have been studying Creation to Noah’s Ark.  Even within the Christian community there are some fascinating theories of creation.  Have you guys heard of Pangaea?  It is the theory that our continents were at one time connected as one body of land.  Genesis 1:9-10 record that God gathered the waters into one place and the land together into one place.  Then again in Genesis 10:25 is says that during Peleg’s time the earth was divided.  Interesting.  I had not ever researched that before. 

The weather has been too rough for us to go out and measure out the Ark.  Since we were unable to do that, we chose to enter my childhood by listening to Bill Cosby’s account of Noah.  I have included it in case you never had the pleasure of listening to good clean humor about Noah 😉  Bill Cosby was a staple for me during family vacations!!!

One of the books I read to my 4yr old t his week comes from my husband’s childhood (his mother wrote on the inside cover, I love that!).  I love the old books with their art work.   Father Bear Comes Home is about a sweet little bear who has a great imagination.  My favorite little story is when FAther Bear is out at sea fishing.  Little Bear tells his friends that his father might be bringing home a mermaid from his travels at sea.  All the friends come home with him to see this wonderful sight.  Father Bear has no mermaid for Little Bear.  Little Bear has to remind his disappointed friends that he did use the word maybe.  Silly little bear 😉

I wonder if any of you do what I did today with our spelling test… The kids were goofing around, ok, actually they were spitting at each other 😦  I don’t like that at all.  Since I had been sitting ready for a bit, I chose to just begin the spelling test.  By the time I was on word three they were whining about me “not being fair” and “please mom, come on, start over!”  I was sorely tempted to not restart.  What would you have done?

I hope you all have a great weekend!  We will be swimming at the indoor pool on post and hopefully having folks over for dinner Saturday night.

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