Top 10 Whines

Top Ten {Tuesday}This past week we have had much whining going on, so I thought I would share the top ten I have heard.  Some of these have been repeated several times 😦

10. Can we do our chores later?

9. I didn’t touch it.

8. Mom!!  She won’t stop talking to me!

7. He’s making that face at me again!

6. Why can’t someone pass the eraser?

5. Mom, Noah is hitting me again!  (keep in mind Noah is 16mos)

4. Mom, I can’t find my shoes!

3. JJ slept in my bed last time!

2. Can’t someone else do it??

1. Mom, I don’t want to write that all out for school!!!

5 responses to “Top 10 Whines

  1. That’s hilarious! My girls are still too little so I haven’t heard these whines yet, but I know we will be there soon enough! Love your blog! I will be following you. Blessings…

  2. lmao, thanks for the laugh! 😀


  3. I hear you sister. I have only 2 littles, and it’s our first year homeschooling – but I could have EASILY written a top ten whines post this week. My favorite is: WHY WON’T YOU LET ME GO TO “REAL” SCHOOL?!

    • OH I KNOW IT!! I used to threaten that with my oldest “I am going to send you to school if you don’t change your attitude.” He is really attached and has never wanted to go.

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