10 Reasons why I love my boys

Top Ten {Tuesday}I have four boys and one very girly girl.  I love my daughter and I need to remind myself of that often because our personalities are so very different. 

Boys can get a bad wrap for their energy levels and their propensity to find/create trouble.  However, I do just love my boys and here is a small top ten list on why:

  1. They don’t mind dirt!  In fact they love it!!
  2. They handle ‘rough’ so well 😉
  3. A good long ‘run’ is great attitude adjustment!
  4. They eat whatever I put in front of them.
  5. They think my cooking ROCKS and tell me this often.
  6. They love doing stuff with me everywhere in the house, especially building a fire in the fireplace/grill.
  7. They have tons of energy!!  (this really is mostly a good thing 😉
  8. They are actually soft-hearted (ssh, this is probably still a secret)
  9. They love spending time with me, and just me.
  10. I have 4 great opportunities to make some woman the ‘luckiest woman alive’ in the distant future.  I am already praying now that she will see this fact!

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6 responses to “10 Reasons why I love my boys

  1. I pray for my boy’s marriages too! Probably not enough, though. I love my boys for these reasons as well. However, we’re in the middle of day 2 of not tv. They’re about to kill each other. I (heart) quiet time!

  2. This reminds of that old song “Hold on to Jesus” where the dad prays for the future wives before he even knows their names. Such a sweet reminder!

    • Thank you so much!! I don’t pray often enough for them either. I should also pray that I will get along with their wives. I want to enjoy family gatherings as well all grow up 🙂

  3. I am impressed by #4.

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