Health Classes

The internet is so useful in so many ways.  One way I plan on using the internet this year is in our health requirements.  I was given the link to SparkPeople by my sister.   I created an account just to share something with my two sisters, you know, esprit de corps sort of thing.

I got to thinking about it and realized that I could create a ‘team’ with just my kids, my hubby, and myself.  We can then track the calories taken in, the calories burned on our workouts, and have team goals.  It is a safe environment for us and it’s private!!  I mean, I really have no intention of sharing my current measurements with all creation via the internet. 

They even have healthy recipes to share on their recipe website.   We are going to ‘log in’ together as a class one day a week to chart that day’s meals and exercise to learn about our personal health 🙂  This might be a great tool for your little school and their health classes!

The kids will also get to ‘own’ a bit of the healthy habits that we are trying to create in ourselves!!  Hubby and I both are working on losing around 20 lbs each.  It will all be in fun and educationally based.  I don’t plan on creating in my children the ‘skin deep’ obsession our society has with skinny people.  However, being healthy and knowing what we put into our bodies is important.

2 responses to “Health Classes

  1. I believe being healthy together as a family is the best way to show our children what a healthy weight and lifestyle is. Our example as parents is surely the best way to cement our children’s health education.

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