Apologia Science

I really like the Apologia Science curriculum.   First and foremost for me, they are Biblically based in their approach to natural science.  Reading the title will tell you that: Land animals of the sixth day (referring to the Genesis account of creation).

Second, it is designed to be read and used at your own pace.  The book can be read by paragraph, page, or section depending on your needs.  The paragraphs are easy to read and we chose to sit on the couch reading our science together.  The kids would even take turns reading to our little group.  I love doing this as a group. 

Third, they have a course website.  There you will find many things that will allow your student to dig deeper into the subject of science.  It requires a password to enter the website.

Fourth, there are easy experiments at the end of each chapter and reproducible experiment sheets at the beginning of the book.  They also incorporate crafty things into the notebook sections.  I made up the chapter tests myself for each reading/discussion chapter.  That way I knew what we had discussed and could accurately engage their memories.

Thank you for engaging!

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