Shurley English

I have to tell you guys about this English curriculum.  First, I am a huge fan of BJU English for my kids.  I have been using them for years.  However, I found that their 1st grade book was just too slow and simple for my taste.  I am not as fond of the games and little ‘family’ playthings at this stage.  Since children are like sponges in the grammar stage, I think it’s the perfect time for memorization (as long as there are no learning disabilities).

I received the Shurley, level 2, books for free from a mutual friend who was unloading her old books.  I LOVE it!!!  If you don’t like repetition, you won’t really care for this book.  But if you desire to hammer home sentence diagraming, sentence structure, and word relationships… then this is the book for you!!  I know it’s level 2, but it’s perfect for 1st grade!!



This is a sample of the lesson plan from the TE.  There is a CD of jingles that help the kids memorize parts of the english sentence.  This level also includes a small lesson on all the 50 states, one at a time.  You can find more details to include in the state lesson at this website.

Thank you for engaging!

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