Wrapping the Week

We had VBS this week, so our summer school consisted of a couple english lessons and spelling.  My hubby brought home some free-cycled D ring binders for our school, so we did spend time setting those up.  My daughter is extremely excited about doing her cover artwork!!

We had the summer SeaQuest curriculum for VBS this year.  Our teens did great skits for the kids and the songs are cute and catchy!!  One of the songs for the week is the hymn Oh, the Deep, Deep.  It happens to be one of my favorites so my kids belted it out with gusto.  Most of the comments centered around my 4yr old who believes he is Pavarotti and sings to the back of the auditorium 😉

I am so excited about getting my Preschooler at the table this year.  His personality had me very nervous about school, however his VBS teachers all came to tell me how wonderful he is about his coloring.  He is super careful to stay in the lines, he is crazy careful with his stickers and never broke a single one!!!  When his school book came in the mail last week, he sat down to paw through it.  He got so excited about the pages and activities…. I think it is going to be MUCH more fun than all my fears made it seem.

Only 2 weeks of summer left for us!!  Even the kids are looking forward to this fall semester starting!!  Maybe because I am so jazzed about it… ah the influence of the mother 😉  Do you guys take the whole summer off?  If not, what sort of things do you do?

2 responses to “Wrapping the Week

  1. we do so much exploring and such that we won’t have an official start to our school year- but we will make a transition to doing more “sit down” time at the table! love your blog-

    • thank you so much kelli!! i VERY much enjoyed your photos and wish i could have enjoyed all that fun too. my kids would have loved it. my oldest has recently asked for a kayak. i find that funny and scary all at once. thank you for stopping by!

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