2011-2012 Curriculum

I am so excited about this new school year starting!!  We are diving into a new style of education with Tapestry of Grace  (TOG).   It will serve as our history, geography, writing, literature, and art.  What I am most excited about is the concept that all of my grammar kids will be doing the same basic thing for so much of the day.  That can truly be a challenge with so many children.  I have 4 at the table this, grades 5, 4, 2, and a preschooler… yikes!!!

History, Geography, Writing, Literature, Art

I had heard about TOG years ago when my oldest was only 5.  I knew I wanted to use it for the strong history emphasis, but even TOG suggested I wait until he was 5th grade.  You can integrate it before then, but grade 5 means my oldest will go through all 4 years of the curriculum 2x before graduation. 


I really enjoy Apologia’s Zoology series.  The book is split into easy sections, you can break off lessons, and the experiments are not crazy.  They have supplements and videos on their website.  I also appreciate the integration of the Bible into the creation of the critters.


I was turned on to Sequential Spelling when my oldest began 1st grade.  He was having struggles in school in general and getting him to write things of any nature was hard.  This style of spelling is used for kids with dyslexia or other learning disabilities.  They work through word families with a daily list that builds on each other.  My kids love it!


I will tell you, I am actually torn over English right now.  We have enjoyed BJU English from 2nd grade on.  The lessons are easy, the TE is detailed.  However for 1st grade, I can’t stand it.  It was too slow for my 3rd child and not challenging for him at all.  His summer repeater english is Shurley English and I really love it!!  I already have all the English books of BJU for grades 2-5, but if I was not already invested I would be very tempted to switch over.  I love how Shurley English hammers home the diagramming and structure of the english sentence.  That is so important as they build upon that concept!!

Math and Phonics and Penmanship

I really enjoy Horizons for math and phonics.  The pages are simple, they do have color to draw attention.  The TE books are not very detailed, but I am still at the stage that I understand what I am teaching.  Suggestions in this area for Jr. High would be appreciated.


I am not ready to start latin, but we are in such a great phase to know/understand/memorize a foreign language.  Latin is a great tool for understanding english grammar and for a base of future college degrees.  Since I favor the classical approach to my home education, latin is necessary.  So I am starting with a very easy lesson plan and will make it more challenging if the kiddos can handle it 😉


We are a reformed faith family and the Suffer Little Children books have been wonderful!  The book we are using this year is Show Me Thy Ways.  They are an older publication, but easy lessons, memorization verses, and points to remember.


We are trying something new, and I hope engaging , for typing this year.  I had been simply using my college keyboarding book to teach the kids home row and such.  But typing became a drudgery.  I don’t want that again this year. 



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9 responses to “2011-2012 Curriculum

  1. We use TOG too and I love it! I have a few posts on my blog about how I do my TOG planning and why I love it so!

    Apologia Zoo 3 was one of our favorite in the elementary series.

    I love your header about the village and it is one of the reasons I homeschool too 🙂 I am a new follower to your blog, via Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

  2. Stopping by to wish you and your kids a great school year from Weekly Wrap-up!

  3. Have a great time with Zoology 3. We did the Flying creatures last summer! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. We are just starting our journey with TOG, yr 1 this year too. I am excited about it. Have a Blessed year!

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