Annual Testing

It is that time of year again, time for testing the darling little HS children!  Over the years we have bumbled through a few of these.  Some HS parents prefer the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS).  I have only ever tested with the California Achievement Test (CAT).     This year while researching what is going on in the testing and assessment world, I learned something new.  The CAT test was re-normed (meaning they researched the educational trends and requirements across the country, trying to remain competitive and ‘true’ to goals) and then renamed as the Terra Nova.  

California Achievement Tests (CAT) – This test is available for grades K-12. It comes in different editions and versions. The first edition of the CAT was developed in 1950. The most recent edition of the CAT is the sixth, or CAT/6. The CAT/6 is also called the “TerraNova, 2nd Edition” or simply the “Terra-Nova CAT.” As far as I know, the CAT/6 is NOT currently available to homeschoolers.  (NHHC Website)

Keeping updated and ‘in the know’ about nation wide trends and testing is really on you.   Test scores and GPA are what the colleges are looking for in applicants, so it does need a bit more thought that tossing the dart at a board sort of decision-making.

Here are some links to various places you can order such tests.  You will have to research your state requirements to find out which test is acceptable and if your home state has an assessment test they prefer for you to take.  Also, smart up on what these assessments are all about, that way you can choose which form of assessment your children would best benefit from.



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