But the little ones…

Homeschooling with little children in the house can be quite challenging.  I have a 4th grader all the way down to a toddler who is 10 months.  The school age kids are mostly able to sit and focus on their assignments, so trying to keep the youngest 2 occupied in ‘healthy’ ways is my challenge.

I have tried a handful of ways to keep the 3yr old entertained.  He loves reading books with me, but he gets pretty impatient when other kids need to ask questions or need help with their school work.  We bought a train table for him and placed it very close to the school table.  He does enjoy playing with it, but you may discover like I did, that younger children really like to be a part of the pack.  So the dependency for play time is real for my 4th child.  Playing by himself is just no fun to his young emotions.

He would happily sit in front of the TV for the whole of school, but even that doesn’t keep him out of the art supplies or food pantry, where he finds numerous ways to make messes.

I also have little books for him to do with us at the table.  He does enjoy that, but we are talking about a 3yr old male child.  The attention span is not the best.

Bottom line, when home education a wide range of ages, you may have to get creative with your tactics to keep school sane for the older ones and keep the younger ones out of trouble.  Books, puzzles, toys only for school time, TV, or activities to engage them… whatever you come up with, just remember that there are others who shake their heads and wonder “how on earth do I do this?”  And we don’t have a clear answer for you.  We just encourage you to try many things and find a good balance.


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