I used Math-U-See with my oldest simply because he was having a very hard time ‘getting’ his math facts.  Being a logical and straight thinking child, this curriculum was so helpful for us.

It uses block as the math manipulatives so that you child can touch and feel the math facts along with hearing and reading them.  My son needed this as he was hammering out those basic math facts and place value.  He also enjoyed watching his lessons on video.  I appreciated the break from trying to teach math basics myself!

The only downside to this curriculum is that it is so focused on the basics that they may spend too much time on them.  When my son finished 4th grade and took the standard tests, he was unable to perform at his grade level for math.  MathUSee was behind what the standard test thought a 4th grader should know.  We were able to catch him up over the summer, but it was not satisfying to see his poor grade on the exam.  I do recommend this math system if you have a child who struggles with learning two dimensional  math.  It is super helpful if you have a logical, linear thinking child like I have.  It was very boring for my artistic, right-brained daughter.

Yet again, another reason why I love to HS my children.  I can adapt their lessons and curriculum to their particular learning styles.  This way they stay engaged with their lessons and truly love learning!

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