Attitude Adjustment

One of the hardest parts to homeschooling is attitude.  That goes for the educator and the student.  We have personally struggled with this in our HS.  Mommy just won’t have the ‘mojo’ for getting the kids to the schoolroom, nor will she feel like trying to lasso children towards their lessons.  Maybe the children just don’t feel like learning.  Either way, poor attitudes can make HS a nightmare.

We actually struggled with motivation for an entire year before Mommy got it together enough to attempt to adjust it.  I was  complaining about schooling, I was blaming my children’s attitudes, and re-thinking my dedication to home educate my children.  It actually came to me during my devotion time.  I was praying earnestly, sitting by myself in a bubble bath (the only place I could find quiet and respite with 4 small children and pregnant with the 5th) and I realized just how negative I was sounding.  God shook my loose marbles around and allowed me to catch a glance at a mirror… pointed right at me.  I was a major source of the problem.

After much brainstorming I came up with a plan.  Each Monday morning, to get our creative juices flowing, my little homeschool will do something fun before we open a book.  I usually let my kids choose what we are going to do to get our mental juices flowing and get ourselves pumped for class.  With music being such a huge part of our home life, the kids like to crank the tunes on our surround sound speakers and dance away our Monday morning blah.  If you struggle with getting moving towards the classroom, whatever morning that may be, maybe a fun creative way to kickstart your school week.  My kids always love hamming it up when I get my camera out also.  Here is one of our favorite ways to get our school week started.

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